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Film Cameras

Film Camera ServiceWe service film cameras and accessories in all formats.

From "point and shoot" models to the most advanced professional-level equipment, our seasoned technicians deliver top-quality repairs in a timely fashion.

Our affiliations with the world's leading camera manufacturers ensure our access to the best training and service tools available. We offer out-of-warranty repairs on all major brands and in-warranty repairs on Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Hasselblad, Fuji Film, Minolta, and Konica.

To be specific, we repair…

  • Advanced Photo System (APS) cameras.
  • 35mm cameras (manual and autofocus SLR, range finder, and "point and shoot").
  • Accessories for 35mm cameras including lenses, flash units and motor drives.
  • Medium and large-format cameras and accessories.


Digital Cameras

YES! We do repair digital cameras!

Many callers seem surprised that we repair digital cameras. Apparently most old-line camera repair shops haven't been able or willing to make the leap into digital technology. Our technicians couldn't be held back. They enthusiastically embrace what is clearly the wave of the future. We recognize that digital cameras are here to stay and we have "tooled up" to meet the needs of all of our customers by providing service on the full range of equipment on the market. From the most advanced professional equipment to the simplest point-and-shoot cameras, we can handle it. We provide in-warranty repairs of Sony and Fujifilm equipment and out-of-warranty repairs on most other brands.


Flash Equipment

We offer the Northwest's most comprehensive service of flash equipment.

From the simple replacement of a "hot-foot" to major repair and reconditioning of power packs and lamp heads, Photo-tronics is well equipped to meet the needs of professional and amateur photographers. We have an especially strong inventory of replacement parts for Norman and Speedotron equipment to assure fast turn-around on repairs of this equipment.



The show must go on!

Whatever your choice of presentation equipment, Photo-tronics can get it working again. We repair portable and conference room LCD projectors, slide projectors and overhead projectors. And, we can provide lamps and light modules for virtually any projector.

We routinely service:

  • Kodak Carousel slide projectors.
  • Telex and Caramate Ringmaster slide viewers.
  • Overhead projectors.
  • LCD projectors.


Video Equipment

Video RepairWe service a wide range of video equipment and we're up to date on the latest products.

The technology in this area continues to advance at a breathtaking pace and prices continue to drop. The dilemma this poses for the user is the age-old "does it make sense to repair rather than buy new" question. Photo-tronics' customer service reps can help with this decision. We will do our best to do an economically sensible repair when we can, and we'll tell you frankly when your money is better spent on new equipment.

These are products we routinely repair:

  • VCR's in all formats (VHS, Beta, 8mm and three-quarter inch professional machines).
  • DVD Players.
  • Video cameras (personal use and security cameras).
  • Camcorders (VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, HI8 and Mini-DV).


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